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Tips on How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Tips on How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Many couples in the UK keep a tradition of giving flowers on their wedding day. Flowers have been used to symbolise many things over the years, and have come back into style for more contemporary weddings in the UK. In traditional ceremonies, flowers were offered as symbols of love, affection and trust. It was also a way to say ‘I hope you enjoy my day’, as well as to acknowledge that a marriage was about to take place. These days, flowers are given as gifts to loved ones, as tokens of affection, and for no reason at all. Whatever the reason for giving them, flowers are the perfect symbol to show your emotions at any time during the day.

The first person to ask the question about your wedding flowers design and installation is the florist. The choice of wedding flowers is up to the bride and groom, but wedding florists have a long history of helping people to communicate their message and share happiness. These florists often provide services for civil weddings, as well as ceremonies within the Church of Ireland and the Catholic Church. They can also work with people who hold religious beliefs that do not allow any form of visible display of affection during the wedding ceremony.

Choosing the right kind of flowers for a wedding can sometimes be tricky, as every bride and groom is different. If you have a clear idea of what you hope to get from your florist, it makes it much easier for them to offer advice and ensure that your wedding flowers are delivered on time. Here are some tips to help you choose flowers for your wedding day.

Firstly you need to decide whether you want to use a florist from the city or out of town. Each area has its own charms, and some areas are famous for their flowers more than others. For example, if you live in Manchester then it’s highly likely to find a florist who is offering special wedding services. On the other hand, if you live in Cleveland then you’re unlikely to find anyone whose flowers are freshly picked from the garden. Your location will also have an impact on costs and the further away from the main city you are, generally the less you will pay.

Secondly, you should consider what wedding flowers will be used. A great traditional choice is to use roses, as they are the most common flower used at weddings. If you do go for roses however, do bear in mind that red roses symbolise passion, so may not be to everyone’s taste! Other flowers that are often chosen include lilies and daisies.

You should also consider the size of the bouquet you require. Are you having a civil wedding, or a wedding which takes place between a married couple? If you’re having a civil wedding, then obviously the type of flowers you use won’t matter, as your dress will match the flowers. However, some brides choose their wedding flowers because of their meaning. For example, white roses signify purity, so would be a good choice for a bride wearing a white dress. However, if you were looking for wedding flowers for a family wedding, such as one where the bride has many children, then you may need to think about including other flowers which have different meanings attached to them.

Finally, you need to remember that wedding flowers don’t all come in the same shape. There are plenty of different types of flower petals which can be used to make bouquets and finding one that suits your taste and budget is easy. If you need to buy wedding flowers online then bear in mind that many websites will offer samples of the flowers they offer – this way you can see if they complement each other. Also, try and get a couple of samples to compare; this way you can see which bouquet works best and which isn’t as expensive.

Hopefully by now you have a better idea of the different types of flowers that are used to make a wedding flower installation. When it comes to choosing the right flowers or florists for your wedding, you need to remember that there’s no right or wrong answers. As long as they make you happy, then use them! Just remember to choose your wedding flowers carefully, and make sure you choose colours that complement one another. Your choice in flower arrangements will be vital for creating an everlasting bond with those who are closest to you – which means it should also reflect some love into what could potentially have been just a typical day at the alter!

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